The Ultimate Lamb Braai

Gathering with friends to cook over a wood-fueled fire is quintessentially South African and we believe the best expression of a braai is with lamb from the Karoo, South Africa’s semi-desert region. Brandon shares his technique for grilling perfect loin chops and through a comparative tasting we explore how local terroir and grazing on indigenous plants influences the flavour of the meat. To book click here

Photographs by Brandon de Kock

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cook. Cape Town

You’ll be welcomed into our kitchen to master two Cape classics: bobotie, a dish of spiced, minced lamb, and malva pudding, a wildly popular South African dessert. Through these local favourites Nikki will illustrate the cook. better. philosophy and share tips and tricks to enrich your own cooking. The finished dishes will be served up for lunch, along with the myths and backstories behind these beloved recipes. To book click here